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Today is the day!

HBX Insights Sunrise

We are where we are today because of what we did yesterday, and our tomorrow is determined by what we do today. Therefore there is no more important day than today to determine the future.

Regardless of whether you believe in a predetermine destiny or a natural unravelling of your destination over time, you can and must take steps today that lead to a better future.

For our tomorrow to be bright we need to be bright, capable leaders today!


The Seed of Potential

HBX Insights Potential

Potential is the seed, floating in the wind, travelling from afar to settle, waiting for the environment to be just right to take root and become a part of the very fabric of this land.

This same potential lies in the fruit of past seeds who’ve established themselves, and the land is welcoming, it accepts the seeds, and the fruit and allows each to blossom in its turn and in its season.

For the seed; the youngest bloom; the impatient youth; the young lady and gentlemen have as much potential as the middle aged man and women; the brother and the sister; the aunt and uncle and the grand parents.

We all have within us the potential to be even better, to make history or to pave the way for others to do so.

That is potential and we’re in South Africa, and so we’re Potential South.

In his maiden SONA President Ramaphosa challenged us all to lend a hand, to help double the numbers of jobs in tourism by welcoming guest into our “rondavels” in the most beautiful country in the world. And while the government get themselves in order we’re getting involved, so that when our children ask us what we did when we had the chance, we can say “I stood up and was counted”

This is our answer to the call to make our country great again, to work together to right the wrongs of the past and to finally put them behind us, while at the same time building a prosperous nation that can be shared by all of us in our lifetime and beyond.

And if we all get more prosperous along the way, even better.

The shadow that you cast

Insights Shadow

You are unique and create the world you live in. You eat to feed and strengthen your body, you save to establish your future, you work to survive in the present and you learn to increase your knowledge and earning potential.

And in everything you do, you are being watched by those around you, some want to judge, but mostly those around you are looking for inspiration, justification and leadership.

The old will question your ways and the young will try to imitate them, but only you have the knowledge to know why you live the way you do.

The shadow that you cast goes beyond you, and into the community. It will outlive you and impact the world long after you’re gone.

Are you satisfied with the shadow that you cast?