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Climb every mountain

Drakenberg Mountains

In South Africa, we do not have a shortage of Mountains to climb, from the mighty Drakensberg to the majestic Table Mountain, the Magaliesberg and Soutpansberg. But did you know that the two highest peaks are actually on the borders with our neighbours in Lesotho and eSwatini? Read more here…‚Äč

So if you’re taking a break this holiday season, with the beaches closed and social distancing a requirement, why not arrange to climb one of these natural monuments. Monuments that existed before us and will continue long past our lifetime. Monuments that challenge us to grow, to find peace and recharge our mental batteries.

This year at HBX we decided to choose a different mountain to climb, that of youth unemployment, specifically in the rural and township economies of South Africa.

We have achieved a number of victories from setting up our first walk in store/incubator in the town of Atamelang in the North West Province to keeping it open, testing new products, mentoring members and running over 20 Friday with Metseng Webinars with industry leaders, despite all the chaos around us, and we’ve done it because we believe in our mission and we’re surrounded by people who believe that our mission is an important one, and for that, we thank each and every one of you.

As we head into the new year and possibly a whole new world, where we’ll need to remain resilient as we pick up the pieces of ourselves, our communities and society that has been destroyed, through 9 months of Covid, and more than 9 years of government mismanagement and neglect, we reflect on the fact that in order to build something better, stronger and resilient, we need to be strengthened and like the iron from an assegai that comes from iron ore that’s been ground to dust, heated to incredible temperatures and then beaten into shape, we too have been tried and tested and are emerging stronger and more prepared to tackle the issues we’re facing.

And so our message to you is to stay your course, see your obstacles as challenges to help you grow and strengthen yourself and then set your new years resolutions and be prepared to make a difference to those around you because it is only through serving others that you will truly find your purpose.