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The great thing about a goal

Insights Goal

Through out time immemorial it has been well understood that a man with a mission is a man more likely to succeed. And so many of us search our souls and analyse our lives to find our own mission, our purpose and our vision of contribution. And off we go out into the big wide world to achieve it.

The greatest thing about our goals are the fact that they’re our own, whether or not they align to the goals of others is irrelevant, although it usually helps if they do.

Being the sole owner of your goal means that it’s yours to add to or subtract from, to share or to keep hidden. It’s all yours and only you can decide what it looks like and how important it is to you to achieve it.

That is an amazing amount of power that you have in your hands, you could ignore it and go on living as you’ve always done, or you can rise up to the challenge you lay down for yourself, and achieve it.

Remember: Don’t focus on the mountain that you’re climbing, focus on reaching the next ledge. Before long you’ll be on top of the mountain.